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Real "Grants"

Richard42 started this conversation
Is there really such a thing as "Personal Grants". I was told this so it makes it "third hand",But this person does writes Grants for a City in the U.S.A. and they told me there is no such thing as a home improvement Grant,or personal bill paying Grants for that matter, What she said to me was No such Grants of any kind, way, shape or form; of (bill paying or home) So is or is that not true. Hopefully misinformed information from this negative person. You know I watched my wifes little face turn so sad, When this person made the statement. It broke my heart! She was so sure that there was help out there for Us! She is a Little Trooper, always smile on face,stiff upper lip,chin pointed up just like it is to be and march on; she is an amazing woman. For my "Little Woman's" sake I sure hope their wrong. So does anybody KNOW? Please Help!!!!!!  
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NO SUCH THING as a government grant given to any individual for any purpose -- not for starting a business, not for paying your bills, not for buying a car.

The ONLY legitimate government grant that's available to individual citizens is the Pell Grant, which helps pay college tuition. And again, information and application for that grant is COMPLETELY FREE:… 

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I heard the very same thing. She can go to the chamber of commerce to see what type of grants she may qualify for, But I must warn you they are hard to get.

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